About us

We are based in Lincoln, NE which is located in the center of the United States. The brand was founded by Olivia Vogel, a UNL Fine Art Graduate. Once graduating, Liv dabbled in clothing design, art commissions, and finally landed on miniature art for nails. Liv is a self taught, licensed nail tech and has spent hours upon hours trying to perfect her craft for you all! 

By Liv’s last birthday in June of 2019, she was tired of the standard process of nails. Without nails, Liv felt naked, less pretty, and less put together. She would spend countless hours and coins on something that she felt pressured by society to get. She wanted to prove to herself that nails did not equal beauty and began to see them as accessories instead of necessities. With that in mind, False Digits was born, a brand that empowers and includes all, and encourages self expression through nails!

In this day and age, having a social media presence is key in running a business. Ana started as a nail model and showed much interest in branding, packaging, and content creation. Ana has been a huge guide in False Digits social media presence.

Kat, Madeline, Ana & Michelle (Florida) all have been rocking with False Digits, sharing how they get their mani's on! These women are all unique and powerful in their own way! We feel so blessed to have found such amazing individuals here in Nebraska who are determined to go above and beyond to bring this brand to life.

- False Digits