Nail sizes and Shapes

Use this Shape guide to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and fashion needs! Order a sizing kit in the shape of choice to get started! Want another set in another shape? Totally fine! Just make sure you grab more than one kit because all sets will fit differently depending on the users natural c curve of their nails, their cuticle shape, and the length of their nails.




  1. XXShort Oval
  2. XShort Square
  3. XShort Oval
  4. Short Square
  5. Short Square (c curve)
  6. Short Almond
  7. Short Stiletto
  8. Short Ballerina
  9. Short Coffin (c curve)
  10. Regular Almond
  11. Regular Stiletto
  12. Regular Coffin
  13. Regular Coffin (c curve)
  14. Regular Tapered Square
  15. Regular Square (c curve)
  16. Midi Almond (c curve)
  17. Midi Stiletto (c curve)
  18. Long Almond
  19. Long Stiletto
  20. Long Coffin (c curve)
  21. Long Square (c curve)
  22. XLong Almond
  23. XLong Stiletto
  24. XLong Tapered Square
  25. XLong Coffin (sculpted)