Why Choose Press on Nails?

As many would know, Press on Nails have really came a long way from when they first were created. They would fall off in a day, bend with the slightest of force, and the design would peel shortly after applying. Well, they truly have transformed into a simple way to get a salon extension without the time, commitment, and price point. 

Starting with the Nail Tips:

Our Press on Nails are created entirely with gel (acrylic flowers are added on for certain sets). Why gel and not acrylic? Gel is flexible, yet durable. With a press on nail, this is very important. We want the cuticle area to be flexible enough to fit many finger shapes and at the same time want the extension to have strength to withstand daily activity. We use salon quality tips- Aprés, the most popular, durable, extension-like tips on the market. They are used for salon services such as Gel X. Our tips come in many shapes such as square, round, stiletto, and coffin and range from extra short to extra extra long. Something that is special about this brand of tips, is the option for natural and sculpted in almost every shape. What that means for the user is- we offer nails that will fit flat and c curve natural nails. No more nails popping off because they don’t fit the structure of your natural nail!


Quality Supplies:

Our owner has her license in Nail Technology and has a Fine Art Degree from UNL. She has spent countless hours experimenting with supplies, learning skills, and developing her art over the years. She prides herself in choosing the best quality supplies for customers. Not only do we use the best tips on the market, but we use the best gel as well. We use salon-quality brands and have quality packaging so the items will make it safety to you.


Allergic to Acrylic & Gel?:

Press on Nails are just the option for these clients. Applying constant products to the skin around the nail can cause allergic reactions. Over extended periods of time, you will no longer be able to wear certain nail enhancements, especially if the nail techs have been using cheap, damaging products without your knowledge. Sadly, this can happen to anyone if not careful. Press on Nails use nail glue only (primer is an option if you do not have an allergy to nail enhancements for longer wear). You strictly stick to alcohol to cleanse and acetone to dehydrate if you choose (be sure to spot test acetone before using). You can wear enhancements without the pain and itching from allergies with our press on nails!


2-3 Hour appointments every few weeks?:

Press on Nails require about 20 minutes of your time for application and about 20-30 minutes for removal. Not to mention, you can apply these anywhere, at any time of the day. You do not need to rely on a service provider to have availability or a baby sitter to watch your kids. You save money by saving time. This can become a self care ritual to focus on cleaning up your nails and getting ready for a new set every few weeks while watching your favorite show with your favorite snack on deck! Liv spends the hours creating the designs so you don’t have to sit and wait, end up with misshapen nails, or uncomfortable burns and cuts that can happen when removing or filling with nail services.


Only need nails for one occasion?:

Press on Nails offer an option for removal and breaks on your own time and choosing. You can continue to apply more sets if wanted, or you can wear them for a period of time, remove them, and store for rewearing. As a young adult, many times you have special occasions that might come up, like a dance, graduation, or a birthday party, but you might have other events such as a sporting event or a job that doesn’t allow nails long term. Or you might be someone in their middle age years, just needing a set for a weekend getaway, or for a night out, but have diapers to change or a garden to tend to and long term nail commitments just don’t make sense. Press Ons are the perfect alternative that allow you flexibility to add nails when you feel like it!



Our Press on Nails have a wide range of prices depending on detail. We offer simple sets, Bundle Deals, Special Discounts, and a Loyalty Rewards Program to help you save. Not only are our nails valued appropriately, but they also have an option to be reused! That is one of our favorite things about our nails. We have many tips & tricks on our website to help you get the most out of your press on nail experience!


Experience :

Our online community is absolutely amazing and positive and helpful. We pride ourselves in creating relationships with you all and plan to continue to grow from socials to in person as our brand grows. Your experience from our team is not the only benefit to a press on nail experience with us, you also benefit from being able to stay home and do your nails. Like we mentioned above, sometimes, the nail salon can be a lot. Not just time and money, but how crowded they can be and the outcome isn’t always what you want. With our nails, you will be able to see all our sets that head out by viewing our Instagram story @false_digits or watching our feed. We send imagery to our clients before sending their nails out if they requested customs. We want you to be happy with your outcome because your feedback and overall experience is what drives our business!