Press on Nail Shapes & Sizing

Choosing Natural vs. Sculpted?

-choose “Natural” when you have a flatter curve to your natural nail. There will be very little space between your natural nail and the nail tip apex, making a more thin, slimmer appearance. *do not order “Natural” shapes if you have a high c curve nail, it will pop off*

-choose “Sculpted” when you have a high c curve to your natural nail. There should be a small space between your natural nail and the nail tip at the apex of your nail. “Natural” tips will not fit on high c curve nail beds, they will pop off. *Flatter nail beds CAN order “Sculpted” but must use a gel glue, gel, or adhesive tabs and glue to fill the larger gap. Regular runny nail glue will not hold the nail*

See our “Tips & Tricks” tab for more application instructions to see which shape options work best for you.

Choosing a Sizing Kit vs. Measuring from Home?

-Everyone has a different curve and length to their natural nails. A Sizing Kit offers the option to lay the nail on your natural nails to see how they will fit. Some shapes could be extra long on you while too short on others, or your nails might need to be sized in 'sculpted' because of the arch of your nail while someone else has flatter nails and would choose 'natural'.

-BE AWARE: we do not refund nail sets. These are all made to order for your fingers and cannot be resold. Be sure to order a sizing kit if you are unsure of your sizes.

-read description below on measuring from home. Some shapes such as stiletto can run smaller, but mostly they fit the same. The XL Shapes do fit quite differently, please get a kit for those due to the fact they are sculpted.

-A sizing kit is recommended but not required.

Order a Sizing Kit Here if you are unsure of how to measure or if your measurements will be accurate. Remember- we do not refund nails after the 24 hour mark of being ordered.


Check out our shapes we carry in 'Natural' and 'Sculpted'.

These are on our owner's hands. Be aware the shapes will appear different on your hands depending on similarity to our owner's.