Press on Nail Tips and Tricks

 Ordering the size kit

Our sizing kit offers over 25+ different sizes and shapes. You can order as many as you want and we offer free US shipping. Make sure while figuring out your size to pick the tip that exactly fits your natural nail size and cuticles. The tip needs to cover the entire nail, if it is too small it will pop off. Most shapes fit differently, so make sure to order sizing kits for each shape you want to wear (read description on Sizing Kit to see ones that fit the same). Each Sample Sizing Pack comes either with 10 nails (size 0-9) or comes with 12 nails (size 0-11).



Note- you can size from home now in mm HERE. Size at your own risk  we do not replace nails that aren’t sized correctly or do not fit. We still recommend a Sizing Kit but if you are in a pinch, use this option.

Cuticle Cleaning



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Everyone has different cuticle shapes so if the false tip cuticle area does not match with your natural cuticle area, use the tip and/or wood stick to shape your cuticle or shave up the edges with a file.

  • Apply cuticle remover to your cuticles if hard
  • Acquire a cuticle pusher to push back cuticles.
  • Trim cuticle if needed and you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Hold the false nail on the end and gently push the cuticle back into the natural nail’s cuticle until the shape matches.
  • Make sure to wash hands before continuing with prep to get rid of oils

In order for a nail enhancement to stick to the nail, you cannot have any cuticle on the nail. Cuticles retain water and oil. So if you do have cuticle nippers is best to remove as much excess skin as you can so it does not get caught under the press on when applying in conjunction with properly pushing them back to match the shape and removing the white dry cuticle from the nail plate. 

*if any skin remains near the cuticle, either use a cuticle remover gel/cream from your local beauty supply then push cuticle back or use a cuticle sanding stone on a stick by dipping it in water and roughing up near the cuticle.*


Properly clean cuticles like stated above (apply cuticle remover if needed, push them back with a wood stick or cuticle pusher, remove dry white cuticle on the nail plate with a e file or cuticle quartz stick, trim excess skin if needed). You need to lightly buff your nail until all the oils are gone (Use included buffer, sanding band and e-file, or 180 zebra hand file), Leaving a dusty appearance. That will help the glue to stick better to your natural nail.

If you're having a hard time making your nail set last, dehydrate your nails with acetone or a nail dehydrator after prepping (remove cuticle, buff, & cleanse). If that still isn't enough, add 1 layer of Young Nails Protein Bond, making sure to wait 30 seconds for drying. The Dehydrator & Bonder help neutralize the nail plate to properly adhere the glue and to protect the nail from bacteria. 


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ADHESIVE TABS (Temporary wear, hours-a few days)
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*if using a liquid stick nail glue, follow all instructions for Cuticle Prep & Basic Prep above. Then for the glue step, add a dot of glue to the natural nail spreading it around and repeating that step for under the nail.*

BRUSH ON GLUE APPLICATION (Easiest, recommended,
not for sculpted nails)

*if using brush on glue, follow all instructions for Basic Prep above. Then for the glue step, add a layer of glue to the natural nail and and repeating that step for the underside of the press on.*


GEL GLUE APPLICATION (After cuticle cleaning, basic prep, & dehydrator)

*if using a gel glue, follow all instructions for Basic Prep above. Then for the glue step, squeeze a layer of glue in the well of the press on nail tip by the cuticle area, lay down, hold for 5-10 seconds, then flip the finger over. Use the Woodstick to scoop out any excess glue at the end of the finger, wiping on a paper towel to dispose of excess glue. Repeat those steps for the rest of the fingers.*

TOENAILS (brush on glue recommended)

(Video coming soon! For now, read below)

-Follow cuticle cleaning & Basic Prep above. Use included alcohol wipe is 70%, 91% can be found at your local store and dehydrates further.

-size yourself with the Full Sets (or lay out your set of 10). Make sure they arent too small or too big

-rough up inside surface of press on (if not requested by us) for longer wear

-leave extension tabs on before applying!! 

-brush glue on natural nail and on inside of press on, being sure to add extra by scooping the brush along the edge. This will be enough to fill all air bubbles

-lay down the nail starting at the cuticle. Hold for 15 seconds. Repeat all toes.

-twist off tabs and use file to shorten and straighten edge. file side perpendicular to edge if you prefer a sharp square look.

-refrain from waters and oils for 4+ hours



If the glue remains on the natural nail after removal, either use the included fine grit buffing block to remove or add acetone to a cotton ball and let dissolve.

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Use ‘Glue off’ by kiss to help remove the false nail. Follow all instructions thoroughly. Available on the site for purchase. 



 Generally, you will be able to remove the toenails in the same manner as the finger nails. You will not need dehydrator or primer for toes. Toes doe not flex in the same way as nails. They will secure the press on and hold for 2-3+ weeks.

If removing with hot water, add olive oil and/or soap. You can also add the cuticle oil around the entire press on, even under your fingernail. It will help to loosen up the nail.  Are sure to soak for 10-15 minutes, changing as it cools. Use the wood stick to help remove the nail, never force. 


HOW TO REUSE YOUR NAILS (Using battery powered drill)

HOW TO REUSE NAILS (handmade hand drill)


Nail health

With Cuticle Oil you will be able to allow your nails to remain flexible without breaking. Apply cuticle oil at least 1-2 times daily. It is light and not greasy. If applied in the right amount, it will keep the skin and nails hydrated without causing lifting. Cuticle oil also keeps the natural nail hydrated so it does not start to pull away from the extension. This helps the nail from popping off prematurely. Use this after the 4 hour mark after application. 

Shea Butter works best to be applied topically to the natural nail plate. You will massage the butter in, which is a thicker consistency then cuticle oil. This penetrates and locks in. Your nails will have a coated protection on them from the Shea butter, helping them from chipping or flaking, like a natural protectant. Apply 1-2 times daily for best results.

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If you using a shea butter, apply topically to the nail plate and cuticle area when taking a break between sets. Apply 1-2x daily.