Tips and Tricks



Everyone has different cuticle shapes so if the false tip cuticle area does not match with your natural cuticle area, use the tip and/or wood stick to shape your cuticle.

  • Apply cuticle oil to your cuticles if hard
  • Hold the false nail on the end and gently push the cuticle back into the natural nail’s cuticle until the shape matches.
  • Acquire a cuticle pusher to push back cuticles if wood stick or press on is not strong enough.
  • Make sure to wash hands before continuing with prep to get rid of oils

In order for a nail enhancement to stick to the nail, you cannot have any cuticle on the nail. Cuticles retain water and oil. So if you do have cuticle nippers is best to remove as much as you can in conjunction with properly pushing them back to match the shape. 

*if any skin remains near the cuticle, either use a cuticle remover gel/cream from your local beauty supply then push cuticle back or use a cuticle sanding stone on a stick by dipping it in water and roughing up near the cuticle.*

Two week wear

You need buff your nail until all the oils are gone, Leaving a dusty appearance. That will help the glue to stick better to your natural nail.

If you're having a hard time making your nail set last, dehydrate your nails with acetone after prepping (remove cuticle, buff, & cleanse). If that still isn't enough, add 1-2 layers of our PH Bonder, making sure to wait 30 seconds between layers for drying. The PH Bonder helps neutralize the nail plate to properly adhere the glue and to protect the nail from bacteria. We do not recommend using the bonder every single time because it is a chemical. Use every few times if you have trouble with lifting or just apply on the regrowth area near the cuticle each time. You do not want to add continuously to the same spot on the nail as it grows- it will cause thinning.


STANDARD APPLICATION  (using gel glue)👇

Ordering the size kit

Our sizing kit offers over 25+ different sizes and shapes. You can order as many as you want and we offer free US shipping. Make sure while figuring out your size to pick the tip that exactly fits your natural nail size and cuticles. The tip needs to cover the entire nail, if it is too small it will pop off. Most shapes fit differently, so make sure to order sizing kits for each shape you want to wear (read description on Sizing Kit to see ones that fit the same). Each Sample Sizing Pack comes either with 10 nails (size 0-9) or comes with 12 nails (size 0-11).

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Use ‘Glue off’ by kiss to help remove the false nail. Follow all instructions thoroughly. Available on the site for purchase.

If the glue remains on the natural nail after removal, either use the included fine grit buffing block to remove or add acetone to a cotton ball and let dissolve.


If removing with water, add cuticle oil or soap. It will help to loosen up the nail. You can also add the cuticle oil around the entire press on, even under your fingernail.



HOW TO REUSE YOUR NAILS (Using battery powered drill) 👇

HOW TO REUSE NAILS (handmade hand drill) 👇

Nail health

With the Shea Butter and Cuticle Oil you will be able to grow strong, natural and healthy nails.  With all the natural ingredients. Your nail will begin to grow thicker, longer, and with a better texture. 

Apply cuticle oil at least one to two times daily in order to regrow strong and healthy nails. Use cuticle oil when wearing False Digits. It is light and not greasy. If applied in the right amount, it will not run onto nail and keep the cuticles hydrated without lifting the nail.


If you using the shea butter, apply topically to the nail plate and cuticle area when taking a break between sets. Apply 3-4x daily.