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Size from home if you do not wish to wait for processing and shipping times for the Sizing Kit. We do not offer refunds based on incorrect sizing. If unsure, order a Sizing Kit.

How to Size

  • Natural vs. Sculpted.

  • Shapes available if your natural nails have a naturally flatter surface.

  • Shapes available if your natural nails have a strong natural curve to them. Anyone can wear these. Gel glue is required if you have flat nails and are wanting a sculpted look with these tips.

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Use a piece of tape and lay across your nailbed at the widest section near the end of your nails. Mark with a fine point sharpie. Lay the tape down and measure with a ruler to give you the length in mm per finger. Refer to our sizing charts below.

If unsure order a sizing kit.

  • These shapes run larger due to their wider openings down the nail.

  • These shapes taper and run slightly smaller.

  • Sculpted shapes are constructed differently and run about the same throughout the shapes. A Sizing Kit is strongly recommended for accurate sizing.

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