Press on Nail Options

Ready to Ship (RTS):

When a product is marked “RTS”- Ready To Ship, the item is available in the size & shape specified in the description and will ship within 3 business days. If you want this shipping time, order these sets separately from “MTO” nails.

Made to Order (MTO):

When a product is marked “MTO”- Made To Order”, the item is specially made according to the customer’s specifications. Size, Shape & Length of nails can all be customized to your liking. To place a order in this category you must know your nail size. Sizing kits are available HERE. Turn around for MTO nails is currently: 1-2 weeks.

Freestyles (MTO):

These sets fall under the “MTO” category. You can choose between our “Simple” or “Complex freestyle options. If you are not open to designs being out of your control, do not choose this option. 

Customs (MTO):

These sets fall under the “MTO” category. This process will be slightly longer due to the fact we will email back and forth on design and pricing until we are at an understanding. You will be sent an invoice via email. After you pay, the processing time begins. 


These sets fall under the “MTO” category. You have the option to order “Full Sets” with 24 nails or use your custom sizes from our Toenail Sizing Kit to save. 

Bundle Deals:

These combos fall under the “MTO” category. Be sure to be sized from our sizing kit in the shape you wish to order in before ordering. Toenails have “Full Set” options if you wish to not size.