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False Digits

Liv Lash

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Looking for the perfect Spiked D Curl Strip Lash? Look no further! Make sure to trim to fit your eyes before applying. Recommended glue: Kiss™️ Duo Lash Glue. 

How to apply:

• trim to fit your lash line

•apply glue on false lash first. Apply glue under on the edge, & on top of lash band

•apply glue to crevice of lid and on top of natural lashes

•wait until glue turns transparent before applying. Start at outer edge of eye, then center, then inner corner. Tuck lash info the crevice of the eyelid

•squint eyes for lid to lay over and hide lash strip

•use lash applicator/tweezers to pink false and natural lashes together

•use spoolie to fluff and brush lashes until they look how you want