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False Digits

Liquid Nail Glue

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KDS Liquid Nail Glue

Your standard kit glue

1-2 week hold depending on prep and lifestyle. False nail will not be reusable if soaked in acetone. If using "Glue Off" by the brand Kiss, the nails may be affected.


How to apply:

Properly prep nail as instructed (lift cuticles off nail plate, buff nails, cleanse with alcohol wipe, *optional* wipe nails with acetone to further dehydrate or apply a PH Bonder. When pressing false nail on, hold for 30-60 seconds or until fully dried. Does not require a UV light. 

Tips- put a layer of thin layer of glue on natural nail & a medium-sized dot of glue under the false nail (this is to help fill any gaps between the flatness of the natural nail and the curve of the press-on). Flip over onto natural nail. Start at cuticle and press down at a 45 degree angle until the glue reaches the free edge of natural nail. If any comes out on the sides because you had too much there, take your alcohol wipe to wipe away immediately. GO SLOWLY THIS WILL PREVENT BUBBLES

*head to our ”Tips & Tricks” for using this product*

How to remove: 3 options

1.) Use "Glue Off" by the brand Kiss. This product is innovative! It is similar to acetone, but not as potent. It moisturizes while breaking down the glue. This will leave your nail soft for a little while. Add back natural oils to the nail plate by applying our LadiiEgypt's Cosmetics Nail Repair Butter! *if you’re lucky, you can reuse the nails. This glue is thick and requires a lot of this product to remove the nail so usually it starts to dissolve the press on*

2.) Soak off in 100% acetone with a cotton ball and aluminum foil. Nails will not be able to be reused.

3.) If ready, soak in hot soapy water adding an oil if needed. Pop off nail if natural oils have already began lifting the false nail. Do not do so it the glue is fresh and resisting. *if using our PH Bonder, this step will probably not work due to the bond it creates*